CPU Board GR8Bit

GR8Bit CPU Board

Hi all,

Today I have assembled the GR8Bit CPU Board. This is the first step in creating your own GR8Bit computer. Please watch this introducing video:

The assembly of this board is quite simple and it took me 30 minutes, I will show you step by step how to assemble this board.

Step 1:
Use the components list to identify the components needed.
You don’t need all the components in the list to finish this board, please look at your GR8Book, to see what components are mandatory and what components are optional for further development.

Step 2:
Solder all the via’s on the CPU board. Now that there are no components on your board they are good accessible.






Step 3:
Solder all the ‘short pin components’ on the CPU board. These components are: CPU socket & Resistor Arrays.






Step 4:
Solder all capacitors on the CPU Board. The ceramic capacitors have no polarity, But be aware, that the electrolytic capacitors are soldered with the right polarity on the board. C5 is in the opposite position of C6 & C7.





Step 5:
Solder all resistors on the CPU board. Resistors have no polarity, bur I’m always putting them with the tolerance ring to the right (or top), cause we read from left to right. That’s also the way you have to read the color rings on a resistor.





Ok, there we have our first GR8Bit board. This one was quite simple. I hope you find this post useful. More of them to come. Here is an overview of the CPU board and my working space.


Have fun. keep learning and expand your horizon.



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