Adding MSX-Music to a FS-A1FX

Today I finished building MSX-Music (based on a YM2413) into my FS-A1FX

Here is a Demo Video where you can hear the difference.

On this picture the extra circuit I’ve added to get the FM-Sound.

2013-06-15 12.36.43


Only thing left is to add the WSX Music ROM to my machine. To test the functionality I’ve flashed a flashrom with the WSX Music Rom and it is working, as you have seen in the video.

To add the circuit, I used this part of the Service Manual of a FS-A1WSX:



The partslist:

IC5 YM2413
C10 0.015uF
C11 0.015uF
C12 50V 1uF
C46 50V 2.2uF
C9 0.1uF

R27 2.2K
R28 2.2k
R29 4.7k
R30 4.7k
R72 47k
R73 47k
R74 330k
R89 47k

I’ll update this post, when I have the Music ROM build-in also.

6 replies on “Adding MSX-Music to a FS-A1FX”

Where did you get the service manual WSX, FX?
Do you also have the other?
Can you send by e-mail. please.

I know Only FUNET.

Nice work !!! Following your instructions, I managed to have the parts installed to my FS-A1FX. It would be great to have the built in ROM with MSX Music added 😀 Do you think that replacing the FX rom by WSX rom will work ?

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