Adding MSX-Music to a FS-A1FX (Part 2) Adding the Music ROM

Finally after 8 months, I found a way to add the FM Music ROM to my FS-A1FX.
I spend almost all time on finding a way to add a physical Eprom to my machine by reverse engineering a FS-A1WSX, but without luck.

I guess the M60014 Gate Array in the FX does not contain the extra address lines needed to address the extra Rom’s that the WSX uses.

Today I tried a different approach by Dumping the FX Rom using my Eeprom Programmer and simply cut and past the Music Rom into it.

To make this work I had to find out where to put the Music Rom. This Rom has a size of 16kb*8 within the 256kb*8 (2Mbit) FX Rom. One of the most annoying things (for European Users) of the Panasonic machines is the build in software Cockpit. 32kb*8 in size.


So I decided to replace the Cockpit Software with the Music Rom. To make this magic happen I used the XVI32 Hex editor. Using a dumped Rom of the Cockpit software I could easily find the memory block that the Cockpit software uses. In the physical Rom the Cockpit software is in block $20000 – $27FFF

I copied the MSX Music Rom into this block and burned the modified Rom into a M27C2001 Eprom.

I’ve put this Rom back into my FS-A1FX an here is the Result:

A perfect FS-A1FX:

  • Build-in FM Music
  • No Cockpit
  • 512Kb Memory
  • 2x 720kb DD Diskdrives
FS-A1FX Rom with FM Music and no Cockpit
FS-A1FX Rom with FM Music and no Cockpit
A FS-A1FX System Rom without the Cockpit software, but with FM-Music added. Article belonging to this download. ...
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Downloaded117 times
Last Updated21 January 2019

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