Making a Mitsumi D359M3 MSX Compatible

Diskdrives are getting more & more scare to find. Specialy drives that can be made compatible with the MSX.

Here’s a howto for making a new revision of the Mitsumi D359M3 compatible with the MSX.


Setting the drive to DS0:
Cut the trace from the IC to pin 12
Solder a wire from the cutted trace (on the IC side) to pin 12 (brown wire)

Put Disk Change on pin 2:
Make a solderjumper on DEN2

Put READY on pin 34:
Cut the trace from pin 34
Solder a wire from pin 34 to the 2nd pin from the right of the flatcable (white wire)


D359M3 PCB D359M3

Now the drive can be used in your MSX (or in your Amiga or Korg or Yamaha)

2 replies on “Making a Mitsumi D359M3 MSX Compatible”

Sorry for asking that sully question but why do I have to cut the trace from the IC to pin 12 if is to solder back a wire on the trace to pin 12?

Also, on the picture I see the brown wire on Pin 12 to the IC trace … But on pin 1 the white wire that is supposed to be on Pin 34…

Could you use paint on windows and mark the picture with little annotation so we can understand a little better?

I am trying to convert a Mitsumi D353M3 to my MSX. Seem to be similar board …

I have done this ( the way I see it on picture and not the tutorial comment ).

Cut the trace to pin 1 … Re-route pin 1 to pin 2 from the right of the flat white cable up.

Cut the trace of pin 12 and re-route the trace to pin 13.

Make a solderjumper on DN2 .

It worked… If I had followed “pin 34” and re-routed “pin 12 trace” exactly back to pin 12… That would had failled.

Please, re-wrote your tutorial. It work but you made some mistake that will cause many people to fail.

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