Making a NEC FD1231H Diskdrive MSX Compatible

Here’s a howto for making a NEC FD1231H (Manufacturing Date 2006) Diskdrive compatible with the MSX Turbo-R (and other models)

First cut the traces of Pin 2, Pin 12 & Pin 34

Setting the drive to DS0:
Solder a wire from pin 10 of the floppy connector to pin 19 of the FDN305 controller


Put Disk Change on pin 2 (Not necessary for some Philips Models)
Solder a wire from pin6 of the controller IC to the bottem solderpad of R1

Put READY on pin 34:
Solder a wire from the TP15 to Pin 34 of the connector



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I just want to let you know that for the NEC FD1231H with exactly this controller IC it is not a real READY signal on TB15 ! Maybe it works foryou, but not with Amiga. I’ve measured with oscilloscope, and it’s not a real READY signal. You should rename ot to “soemthing like READY”.

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