Panasonic Diskdrive cable connector V2 (prototype)

I’m working on a new prototype to connect a PC Diskdrive on the existing  24 pin flatcable.

This will work on all Panasonic MSX2+ & Turbo-R machines.

My first version looked like this an was very bulky due to the use of a 34 pin flatcable:
2013-06-09 22.13.31

The new V2 version, only has 2 connectors and can be directly plugged into a PC Drive.

Turbo-R Drive Adapter 2Turbo-R Drive Adapter 3


This is how it looks like in a Panasonic FSA1ST

Turbo-R Drive Adapter

As this is just the prototype, it has a lot of wires, this will be replaced by a nice PCB.

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Helo, I need one of those; how much with shipping to Spain?
I am really interested. I really need it!

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