OCM Zemmix NEO

OCM-PLD Pack v3.3 released for One Chip MSX and Zemmix NEO

After 2,5 years of hard work, KdL has released a new PLD Pack for the One Chip MSX and Zemmix NEO.

Release Notes:

v3.3 [2017.03.12] [KdL’s Updates!]

– Updated documentation and DIP-SW User Manual in the [docs\] folder.
– Updated the [msxtools\] folder: use ‘’ to add more drive letters and ‘’ to mount the disk images.
– New Hex-files 304kB from OCM-SDBIOS Pack v1.9 with MSX3 Final Release and Zemmix Neo logos.
– New IPL-ROM Revision 1.05(K) that it loads fast a 304kB BIOS / 384kB SDBIOS.
– New SDHC support by yuukun-OKEI, thanks to MAX.
– New useful scripts for easy compilation and collection of firmwares.
– Added Brazilian keyboard layout by Fabio Belavenuto, Luis Luca and Emiliano Vaz Fraga.
– Fixed R#0 S5 timing of VDP TH9958 by yuukun: the intro of Dragon Quest 2 MSX2 is ok now, thanks to miyashu.
– Fixed RstEna signal with regression and other minor fixes (RC2_2014.11.20).
– Fixed MainRAM/MegaRAM clear function (RC1_2014.11.16).

– The Nextor kernel will be natively supported by future releases.
– As regards the speed of cpu I inform you that ‘custom 8.06 MHz’ is the same 10.74 MHz of the original firmware.
All the ‘custom speed’ frequencies were acquired with a comparison benchmark through blueMSX and openMSX.
– The initial VDP-V9938 core is finally deprecated since the VDP-TH9958 has achieved the same stability.

Some known issues:
– VGMPLAY was fixed by Grauw for a inaccuracy of H-SYNC signal.
– The timings of VDP TH9958 are too fast: the intros of Fray and Space Manbow confirm the issue.
Hint! The most of Microcabin games can run better with the ‘’ tool.
– The ‘Break’ command of ESE-PS2 module do not work during the hard reset or if you unplug the keyboard at warm.
– Sometimes the SD-Card is not detected after a hard reset but you can re-insert it on the fly to solve.


Download :

KdL’s website

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