GR8cfg version 0.76

Some might have seen GR8cfg version 0.75 come online, but there was a small bug inside it, which I needed to squash ;-). The bug was in the mapper modes 1 to 7. So if you use one of those on a regular basis, please update your version to 0.76.

Now you can also get PSG sound/music from the GR8NET, thanks to Eugeny Brychkov. The PSG settings are added in GR8cfg, as well as the settings for GR8cloud.
If you want to run your own GR8cloud server, it is explained in the updated GR8NET manual.

Here is what was updated since version 0.75.

Updated to v0.76 (22nd of November 2018)

  • Changed layout main menu
  • Added batch file
  • Fixed minor bugs in modes section

Updated from v0.74 to v0.75 (18th of November 2018)

  • Added PSG support
  • Added GR8cloud support
  • Fixed minor bugs



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Hi. Version 0.76 of GR8CFG don’t work. Tested in two real msx and openMSX. Undefined Line Number in 3. Corrected, but then Undefined line number in 8… There are many basic lines unlocated. Thanks.

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