MSX Information Network was registered on 15-02-2011 @ 10:40, it is the successor of Erik Luppes’ personal MSX Blog on www.luppie.nl

Our mission is to create, share and improve information about the MSX System. During the 80’s and 90’s a lot of articles and howto’s where published. Mostly in clear text without images (or due to copying and scanning in low-RES. With improving we mean that we try howto’s/instructions from other sites/articles and write a new article based on it but supported with high-RES images and/or cleaned up schematics.

We try to give credits to it’s rightful owner, if somehow you think we are using anything that you have the rights off, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will work out a solution.

MSX Information Network is managed by:

  • Erik Luppes (Founder, Main Editor and Admin)
  • George van Halderen (Editor and Admin)

To give our support to the MSX Community, MSX Information Network also hosts a couple of MSX related sites:

The sites with a * are hosted by us for free as a sponsorship, If you are also interested in a sponsorship, please feel free to contact us.