Carnivore2 facts and features

CF Storage, 1MB RAM Mapper, 8MB FlashROM, SCC, SCC+ and FMPAC, all integrated in one single cartridge. For MSX/MSX2/MSX2+/TurboR Computers.

Built around a Cyclone II FPGA from Altera, the Carnivore2 its a powerful piece of hardware packed with many features: FlashROM, Compact Flash storage interface (w/Nextor ROM on-board), 1MB RAM mapper, 720KB MegaRAM, SCC, SCC+, FMPAC (w/ MSX Music ROM on-board and backup RAM support) and PSG. You can enable or disable one and each of these functions independently and combine them at will with the configuration software.

Cartridge configurations can be stored in the flash memory and then loaded from the boot menu. From this menu you can also choose any of the ROMs written into the cartridge’s flash chip.

The cartridge comes with Nextor DOS ROM. This is available when the CF (IDE) function is enabled. Nextor is 100% compatible with MSXDOS2 and adds many powerfull features as native FAT16 support, virtual floppy disk through .dsk mounting, etc…



  • EP2C5Q208C8 Altera CYCLONE II FPGA
  • 8MB FlashROM
  • 2048KB RAM on-board. 1024KB RAM Mapper, 720KB pseudo-MegaRAM.
  • SCC, SCC+, FMPAC (with backup RAM support) and PSG
  • One CF Socket
  • NEXTOR and FM-BASIC ROMs on-board
  • Works on MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+ and Turbo R machines
  • Proprietary software utility to manage all functions, load ROMs into flash memory, etc.

Note: When the cartridge is configured as SCC+, all the rest of the features (IDE, RAM, SCC, Flash ROM and FM pack) will be disabled.

This cartridge can be bought as a Do-It-Yourself-Kit (order via Alexey) or as an assembled cartridge.

Source: 8bits4ever