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FM-Pac English translation built-in

In the 90’s I used to have a FM-Pac, to add great sound to my MSX. The built-in menu was Japanese, and since there was no Google Translate, it was pretty useless to me.

FMPAC Japanese Menu








Thanks to MSX Translations there is a patch available to patch the ROM to English. This patch can be applied at runtime, but I used it to patch the original ROM and burn the patched ROM on a new Eprom and place it inside the original FM-Pac.

To accomplish this I removed IC2 from the original FM-Pac and replaced it with a 27C512 Eprom (150nS), with the English Patched Rom.

FMPAC PCB with Original ROM
FMPAC PCB with Patched ROM













I have dumped the original ROM and patched it with the English patch, they are available as download on


FM Pana Amusement Cartridge ROMs (Japanese - English) 49.78 KB 111 downloads

This archive contains the original Japanese ROM and the translated English ROM Japanese...


After replacing the ROM, this is the result:

FMPAC with English Menu