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MSX Information Network becomes MSX Archive Mirror

Today we have added a mirror of one of the oldest MSX Archive’s to our domain: The (ex)FuNET MSX Archive.

You can find the MSX Archive mirror at the following URL :

The official FuNET MSX Archive was discontinued in 2005, since the archive was hosted by Omega on
Nowadays the archive is hosted by Tristan and we got his permission to host a mirror of this beautiful web history.

Pictures Website

MSX Information Network launches Image Hosting Website

MSX Information Network launches an Image Hosting Website, where you can upload and share all your MSX related pictures.

Link : MSX Image Hosting :

This Image Hosting Website offers free webspace to upload your pictures and share them trough all popular Social Networks and/or direct links. Also after uploading pictures, the site automatically generates Embedding Codes (HTLM, BBCode, etc.) to easily share your pictures on websites and/or forums.

MSX Image Hosting



MSX Information Network on Facebook and Twitter

From now on you can also find the MSX Information Network on Facebook and Twitter.

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FSA1-FX Close-Up pictures (Mainboard/MSX Music / RAM)

Before selling my FSA1-FX Machine I’ve made some close-up pictures of it. Including the upgrades I’ve done on this machine.

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Facebook Integration is ready

After setting up my weblog, I also been testing with Facebook Integration. Still testing this,  but as far as I can see now, everything is working alright. 😀