GR8NET adapter facts and features

GR8NET is designed as a standalone cartridge to be used with MSX-compatible personal computers. It allows PC accessing internet and intranet, provides comprehensive programming capabilities to programmers.


  • RJ-45 UTP Ethernet connection, 10/100 Mbit auto-negotiation / auto MDI, IPv4 TCP, UDP, RAW and HTTP communication protocols
  • Built-in simple web browser to browse web server directory tree
  • DHCP configuration, DNS auto-resolution
  • 2 user programmable sockets
  • MSX-BASIC extended command support
  • Built-in terminal application
  • Built-in HTTP-based bload application
  • Operation as 1 Megabyte mapped RAM
  • ROM mapper emulation (plain, Konami)
  • Built-in SCC for standalone
  • and Konami implementations
  • Hardware accelerated functions:

Interrupt generator using time period or frequency, with watchdog

PCM buffered 8- and 16-bit mono performance*

Data prefetch from onboard RAM, ROM and W5100

Micro-SD card interface

  • Mathpack for FAT16/FAT32 and 32-bit multiplication and division
  • Native stereo output since serial number 6C
  • Mixed GR8NET mapper 512K, Mapped RAM 512K mode plus Nextor with SDC support
  • RAM-disk 2KB to 720KB, user programmable size
  • Operates at standard 3.58 MHz as well as at overclocked 7.11 MHz bus speeds
  • Built-in OPLL (YM2413, MSX-Music) with its ROM BIOS (in mapper mode 8)
  • Built-in OPL-1 with ADPCM (Y8950, MSX-Audio)
  • MP3 audio streaming from network and SD-card into additional MP3 cartridge
  • TCP/IP UNAPI version 1.0 implementation
*Using GR8NET embedded MP3 decoder or additional MP3 cartridge as output device

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Source: GR8NET manual