GR8Bit arrived

Finaly finished making this weblog. The reason why I made this weblog is, that I received a GR8Bit ‘build your own’ computer on the last day of 2011. Since I’m doing a lot of DIY electronics projects with my MSX computer, it looked like a good idea to make a blog about it.

I picked my GR8Bit package up at a fellow MSX enthausiast living in the Netherlands. The GR8bit it self is developed by Eugeny Brychkov from Russia.


This is what I’ve got:















The box contains some high grade PCB’s, that looked realy professional. All the solderpads and silkscreens sre realy of a good quality. Besides the PCB’s there are a lot of components and connectors. I think this will keep me busy for a while. I’m planning to finish the GR8Bit within a year. It’s possible to do this much faster, but cause I’m also doing my BSc in IT study I’m giving my self some slack.

If you are interrested please follow my blog. For more info on the GR8Bit platform, please visit