Panasonic Turbo-R FS-A1ST 230V Mod

I’ve bought & imported almost 10 Turbo-R machines since I’m collecting/repairing and playing with MSX’s. One downside of these Japanese machines is that they are made for 100/110V.

This article describes how to modify these machines to operate on European 230 Volt power without using a step-up adapter/transformer.

First I’ve opened the Turbo-R machine:
FS-A1ST opened up

I removed the Yellow/White/Yellow cable from the transformer to measure the voltage of the transformer. The voltage without load is 15-0-15V so I’ve chosen a 230V 12-0-12V adapter to be placed in the Turbo-R (12V without a load is +/- 14V)

Then I measured the current of both winding’s with as much load as I could using a slotexpander plugged in with the following cartridges:

  • FM-Paq
  • Music Module
  • MegaFlash-SD +512kb
  • 512kb Memory Expansion.


While measuring the current I’m formatting a diskette to gain as much current as I can.

Current 2 when Formatting Current 1 when Formatting Formatting

The current of both winding’s is 402mA & 633mA, so my transformer of choice is a 12-0-12V 1.5A x2 transformer.

Here is how to replace the original transformer, with the new one:

First Remove the original Transformer, by desoldering the powerwires from the powerswitch.



Transformer Removed


Remove the white cap from the original transformer en cut the Yellow/White/Yellow wire as close to the transformer as possible.

Transformer Disassembled

Then I prepared the new transformer by soldering the Yellow/White/Yellow wires.

230V Transformer

And adding 2x 230V leads. I use shrinkwrap to isolate the solderpoints.

230V Transformer Prepared

After preparing the new transformer, place it in it’s original place and solder the 230V leads to the powerswitch.

230V Transformer in place

This is the new transformer in place.

Warning !!! 

The original power cord is isolated and tested at 100/110V
Because of ecstatic reasons, I’m taking the risk to keep on using the original power cord. I’ve never had a shock from this cord at 230V, but I’m not taking any responsibility for any harm or death.


My Test Setup:

Current 1 & 2 IDLE