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Review – UMJA the MSX USB Mouse and Joystick adapter

MSX Information Network has tested the MSX USB Mouse and Joystick Adapter, in short UMJA, produced by TMTLOGIC.
There is always a reason to buy one of these handy devices, either you need it to use a graphical interface like SymbOS uses or you want to draw with it in AGE. Let’s get to our review!


The facts

The core of the UMJA is a powerful ARM® 32-bit Cortex-M4 210 DMIPS microcontroller. The USB port is a high speed USB 2.0.
It is also possible to upgrade the firmware yourself, with the included male-male USB cable and Windows Software (STmicroelectronics DfuSe Demo 3.0.5).

The Umja is not only to be used with PS/2 compatible mice, but also for a several types of USB HID mice.
(Source: TMTLOGIC website)


First impression

At first this device looks well constructed and has good firm connectors and plug with cable, they also provide a male-male USB 2.0 cable. Their website gives you the basics and what it can do and how it basically works.



  • There is allot of good things to say about it. The joystick-port makes sure you keep the functionality of the joystick, plus it keeps you from plugging and unplugging your joystick too much, which is always bad for the durability of your original joy-port pins.
  • The casing is made of a nice sturdy plastic and transparent with a gloss printed label on it. The connector cable that comes out of the back is long enough to position your UMJA anyway you like to.
  • Once you have your mouse connected, you can change to speed with the middle mouse button, the sensitivity is always 200dpi though.
  • The price is right, it isn’t something that is worth 100 euros, but 35 is a good value for it. Plus you get a small wireless mouse with your device that works 100% with UMJA.



  • Like with everything, it also has some points that could be improved in the future.
  • The upgrade sofware isn’t included on a DVD or small pendrive, you need to download it here
  • They do not mention which PS2/USB mice they tested to 100% work with it.
  • The power on/off function seems very cheap, if your nails are too thick or your finger aren’t small enough, you need a pen to press the switch, the left-mouse power switch doesn’t always work.


The verdict

For 35 euro’s it is well worth it, it does what you want when using a mouse on MSX. The mouse resolution of 200dpi is enough for your MSX screen resolution to properly work and feel smooth.
The fact that you are not sure if a certain PS2/USB mouse works with your UMJA, makes this a uncertain buy, if you don’t want to use the small wireless mouse they provide with the device.

Be aware which version to order. There is a Turbo-R version and a regular version. The only difference is the connector. The connector of a regular version doesn’t fit the Panasonic Turbo-R and MSX2+ (because of the construction of the Turbo-R’s and MSX2+ Panasonic joystick ports), if you question if your MSX has room for the regular version, choose the Turbo-R version, then you know for certain it fits.

Special Offer!!!

In association with TMTLOGIC and we can offer a € 3,- refund on all orders of the UMJA placed between Februari 23th and March 31th 2018.
Just order your UMJA at this link : and mention this deal in the ‘Order Notes’, you will get a € 3,- refund.


Erik and George


Konmouse is a SCC Music player/editor that plays Konami’s music and can be controlled with a mouse.

After contacted the maker of Konmouse (Ramon van der Winkel) I’ve got permission to add Konmouse to the Downloads section.