NMS8245 MSX2Plus SystemROM + Kanji and Bootlogo

MSX 2+ System Rom and Kani Rom + Bootlogo for NMS8245 with the following specs:

These Rom’s are used to upgrade a NMS8245 to MSX2+, described in this post.

– 60hz
– Function keys changed
– default screen mode during boot changed from screen 1 to 0, so messages from i.e. mfrs are shown in width 80
– skip f4 register stuff
– hold h to boot in 50hz
– default clockchip settings (as I removed the battery):
– screen 0
– width 80
– color 15,4,4
– key off
– keyclick off
– 2400 baud
– hold a during boot to skip slot 1
– hold b during boot to skip slot 2
Since there is no F4 port in the NMS8245 the F4 port stuff is disabled in the BIOS.

For the System Rom use a 27C512
System Rom Layout:
0000-7fff basic-bios
8000-bfff subrom
c000-ffff diskrom

For the kanji rom use a 27C512 but a 27C256 should also work.
It should have this layout (for a 27C256 just skip the 2nd half):
0000-3fff kanji rom 2nd 16k block
4000-7fff kanji rom 1st 16k block
8000-bfff kanji rom 2nd 16k block
c000-ffff kanji rom 1st 16k block