Zemmix NEO English Manual

Zemmix NEO English Manual

OCM Zemmix NEO

OCM-PLD Pack v3.3 released for One Chip MSX and Zemmix NEO

After 2,5 years of hard work, KdL has released a new PLD Pack for the One Chip MSX and Zemmix NEO.

Release Notes:

v3.3 [2017.03.12] [KdL’s Updates!]

– Updated documentation and DIP-SW User Manual in the [docs\] folder.
– Updated the [msxtools\] folder: use ‘eset.com’ to add more drive letters and ‘ep.com’ to mount the disk images.
– New Hex-files 304kB from OCM-SDBIOS Pack v1.9 with MSX3 Final Release and Zemmix Neo logos.
– New IPL-ROM Revision 1.05(K) that it loads fast a 304kB BIOS / 384kB SDBIOS.
– New SDHC support by yuukun-OKEI, thanks to MAX.
– New useful scripts for easy compilation and collection of firmwares.
– Added Brazilian keyboard layout by Fabio Belavenuto, Luis Luca and Emiliano Vaz Fraga.
– Fixed R#0 S5 timing of VDP TH9958 by yuukun: the intro of Dragon Quest 2 MSX2 is ok now, thanks to miyashu.
– Fixed RstEna signal with regression and other minor fixes (RC2_2014.11.20).
– Fixed MainRAM/MegaRAM clear function (RC1_2014.11.16).

– The Nextor kernel will be natively supported by future releases.
– As regards the speed of cpu I inform you that ‘custom 8.06 MHz’ is the same 10.74 MHz of the original firmware.
All the ‘custom speed’ frequencies were acquired with a comparison benchmark through blueMSX and openMSX.
– The initial VDP-V9938 core is finally deprecated since the VDP-TH9958 has achieved the same stability.

Some known issues:
– VGMPLAY was fixed by Grauw for a inaccuracy of H-SYNC signal.
– The timings of VDP TH9958 are too fast: the intros of Fray and Space Manbow confirm the issue.
Hint! The most of Microcabin games can run better with the ‘runit.com’ tool.
– The ‘Break’ command of ESE-PS2 module do not work during the hard reset or if you unplug the keyboard at warm.
– Sometimes the SD-Card is not detected after a hard reset but you can re-insert it on the fly to solve.


Download : https://www.msxinfo.net/downloads/?did=231

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Zemmix NEO

English Manual for Zemmix NEO added to Downloads





The English manual for the Zemmix NEO (korean version) is scanned and published.
Please see our downloads section.

Zemmix NEO Manual in English