NMS8245 Original ROM with Memory Counter and Fast Diskrom

NMS8245 Original ROM with Memory Counter and Fast Diskrom

This ROM contains :

  • Basic-Bios
  • Subrom
  • Fast Diskrom

Specialy for MSX’s that have the memory expanded. It shows the total amount of memory at boot time.

NMS8245 MSX2Plus SystemROM + Kanji and Bootlogo

MSX 2+ System Rom and Kani Rom + Bootlogo for NMS8245 with the following specs:

These Rom’s are used to upgrade a NMS8245 to MSX2+, described in this post.

– 60hz
– Function keys changed
– default screen mode during boot changed from screen 1 to 0, so messages from i.e. mfrs are shown in width 80
– skip f4 register stuff
– hold h to boot in 50hz
– default clockchip settings (as I removed the battery):
– screen 0
– width 80
– color 15,4,4
– key off
– keyclick off
– 2400 baud
– hold a during boot to skip slot 1
– hold b during boot to skip slot 2
Since there is no F4 port in the NMS8245 the F4 port stuff is disabled in the BIOS.

For the System Rom use a 27C512
System Rom Layout:
0000-7fff basic-bios
8000-bfff subrom
c000-ffff diskrom

For the kanji rom use a 27C512 but a 27C256 should also work.
It should have this layout (for a 27C256 just skip the 2nd half):
0000-3fff kanji rom 2nd 16k block
4000-7fff kanji rom 1st 16k block
8000-bfff kanji rom 2nd 16k block
c000-ffff kanji rom 1st 16k block


Restoring a NMS8245

My new project I’m working on is to restore a butchered NMS8245
I’ve got this machine from someone who expanded it with a 2nd drive and an extra fan for cooling.


2013-10-04 17.18.06

2013-10-04 17.18.21

2013-10-04 17.18.58


As you can see this is not the most clean way to add these extra’s and making it also hard to transport without breaking something.

After removing the drive and fan I found out that the case was realy butcherd and was looking for a way to give this machine a bit of it’s old face back.

2014-02-17 19.09.43

2014-03-16 11.09.55

2014-03-16 19.18.36

2014-03-17 13.35.30


In my opinion the only way to do this, is to cut out the grille and replace it with something that would fit in.

Using polyester putty to cover all the holes and gaps.

Almost done for spray painting.